Developing Static Website with Middleman

Middleman - makes developing websites simple

Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. Getting started


$ gem install middleman

After installed successfully, it will add one new command to your environment, with 3 useful features:

  1. middleman init - starting a new site
  2. middleman server - start a local web server running at: http://localhost:4567/
  3. middleman build - exporting the static site to build folder

Wufoo - the online form builder

Wufoo is an Internet application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. With Wufoo, you can skip all the hard stuff (because it does it all for you), and start getting things done.

Embed a Wufoo form on your site with XHTML and CSS

1. Locating Your Form HTML

  • Go to the Code Manager and download the XHTML/CSS files.
  • Open index.html.erb(or other file).
  • Locate the action='x' attribute in the <form> tag.
  • For x we will need to replace the actual URL of your Wufoo form.
  • You could find the URL of your form in the Form Code Manager, replace and save.

2. Including a POST Key

  • Go to the Code Manager for your form.
  • Click on API Information in the top right.
  • On the API Information page, locate the POST Key.
  • Copy the key into the value attribute of the following markup:
<input type="hidden" name="idstamp" id="idstamp" value="YourPostKey" />
  • Copy the entire input element above and place it anywhere inside of the <form> tags.

And now we’re all set! You can upload the index file to your website and start submitting data into your Wufoo account.

ps: the name attribute of Field is IMPORTANT!

3. Notification Settings

Notification Settings allow you to control the various ways in which you can receive updates about new form submissions.

To configure notification settings for your form, go to the Form Manager and click on “Notifications” underneath the form name.

Deploying to the Gitcafe Pages

Offical blog: GitCafe正式推出Pages服务

  1. Creating a new repository with your YOUR-USER
  2. Initialize a Git repository
  3. Add a html file and commit
  4. Add a remote name and create a gitcafe-pages branch
  5. commit this branch to Gitcafe
$ echo 'Hello World' << index.html
$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -a -m 'init commit'
$ git remote add origin [email protected]:YOUR-USER/YOUR-USER.git
$ git checkout -b gitcafe-pages
$ git push origin gitcafe-pages

And now we’re all set! You can visit http://YOUR-USER.gitcafe.com/.

Custom Domains: http://blog.gitcafe.com/142.html

$ middleman build  # building site
$ cd build
$ middleman deploy # deploying


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